Soviet Car Collection: Automotive Time Capsules

Travel back in time with these amazing Russian imports, spanning from the 1960's to early 1990's. We are offering these vehicles as a complete collection which will include 12 total vehicles all in showroom condition. This is a fantastic chance to add some truly unique vehicles to your vehicle collection or start a collection with something that is incredibly rare to find in the United States. We have been importing Russian vehicles for years. With lots of happy customer all over the world that use them both as special interest vehicles, part of their collection, and some who use them as their daily drivers, due to their ease of operation and inexpensive upkeep. The past years we have been fortunate to develop some tremendous relationships in Russia and former Soviet Republics with vintage automotive enthusiasts and owners clubs. Over the past couple of years, we have been hard at work, putting together a collection of Russian vehicles from the Soviet Era, ranging from the 1960s to the early 1990s. What makes these vehicles truly special is the pristine and original condition they are in, and the exceptionally low mileage. Most are now available to be seen in our AlphaCars Boxborough MA location.